In a parallel life, a parallel univers, I’d be outside, hanging out with friends, having crazy adventures, making dumb jokes, laughing loud at coffee shops, watching sunsets, stealing fries from my bff’s plate at McDonald’s, driving fast at midnight while listening to old bands songs…but it’s not, it’s reality instead.

So here I am, spending another Ramadan day in a so as called « Arab country » « Algeria » , while we all know it’s not..

It has been a week now since I didn’t leave my room, all I do is repeat the same things every single day, wishing that I won’t go insane by the end of the month.

I feel really depressed, but unlike most teenagers nowadays I know what’s causing my depression, it’s boredom.

I gotta get out, and try to save my life.

I don’t feel like I belong to this town

Save me…